July 10, 2020

Kart: Miguel Costa races in Sarno at WSK Euro after overtaking show in Adria

Rookie champion in 2019's Italian Karting, Brazilian driver gained 14 positions in the Final on Sunday (05) after starting in 29th place, finishing in the top-15; WSK's next stage takes place this week in Sarno, Italy
June 30, 2020

Sauber Karting Team revelation, Miguel Costa returns to compete in the main European karting tournament

World Series Karting has more than 250 drivers registered to the championship's return in Adria, Italy; WSK double round this weekend will define Super Master Series champions
June 23, 2020

Young karting talent, Miguel Costa wins F3 Virtual race at Nurburgring

Member of the Sauber Karting Team conquered a podium in Race 1 and won the second round of the Virtual Challenge at Nurburgring; Miguel prepares to return to go-kart racing in Italy
June 12, 2020

Italian Kart Champion, Miguel Costa projects return to Europe in search of victories

Brazilian driver competes in the World Series Karting (WSK), one of the biggest tournaments in European karting, which announced his return on July 1 in Adria, Italy;
May 27, 2020

Brazilian shines on the kart and already integrates Sauber gym

Miguel Costa is 11 years old and considered an early talent by Estadão Content If Brazil's new generation in motorsport has surnames known as Fittipaldi and Piquet, the next one could be led by a boy with a little known name. And it couldn't even be any different. After all, Miguel Costa is only 11 years old
May 15, 2020

At the age of 11, Miguel Costa is elected revelation of the Virtual Challenge of the Stars

Young kart talent stood out in all five stages of the championship among big stars like Felipe Massa, Rubens Barrichello and Enzo Fittipaldi, finishing the race in seventh place among 53 registered drivers
May 13, 2020

Miguel Costa is the youngest driver to conquer a podium of a virtual race with professional drivers

A highlight in the virtual competitions he has been competing in, the 11 year old driver was third in race 2 of the F1 Mania Pro eSports Race and finished the round in fourth overall position; Miguel Costa also accelerates in the last stage of the Virtual Star Challenge this Wednesday A member of the Sauber Karting Team, young Miguel Costa guaranteed his best result in a virtual race with a podium in the F1 Mania Pro eSports Race
May 7, 2020

Miguel Costa returns to go-kart training in the USA and continues to shine in virtual motorsport

Young karting revelation of just 11 years old has been standing out in the virtual races of F3 and is in the top-10 of the Virtual Challenge of the Stars, which already has 53 different participants in three disputed stages A member of the Sauber Karting Team, Miguel Costa is the youngest Brazilian to participate in an Academy of Drivers connected to an F1 team, Alfa Romeo
April 29, 2020

A spotlight in the competition, Miguel Costa accelerates again in the Virtual Challenge of the Stars

Young driver highlighted in the first stages with pole position and fourth place; third stage of the Virtual Challenge of the Stars will be this Wednesday at 8pm and Miguel also comes from good results in other virtual events Member of the Sauber Karting Team, Miguel Costa races this Wednesday (28th) in the third stage of the Virtual Challenge of the Stars